Field of Dreams

Let there be a focal point to your boundless fields of dreams, thus it serves as your point of reference and the compass which guides your steps.

I woke up dreaming of having breakfast in the south of France countryside, sitting at a small round table for two with curved wrought iron legs. Humming birds serenading me with their songs.
Boundless fields of lavender stretching before me, with a single tree where the sky kisses the land.

I stretch my arms yawning with twinkles in my eyes, not a single worry on my mind–my spirit is free,
I get up and start walking amongst the flowers tracing my path towards the single tree…

…sharing a dream…

By Monia Swaans, sharing visions and fields of dreams, and inviting you to do the same.

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How Do Dreams Come True?—Four Steps

“God seems to throw himself on the side of the man who
knows exactly what he wants”
~ Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

1/ Do you know exactly what you want?

2/ Do you have a vision of what you want?

3/ Do you have a plan as to how to get there?

4/ Do you have a definite time—a deadline?

Today, I answered the fourth question. I will release my book of beautiful poetry and my book of empowering positive affirmations just on time for the holidays to add magic to this time of the year. May God throw himself on my side, for I know exactly what I want.
Let the magic begin.

It’s your turn to answer the question.

Do YOU know exactly what you want?

By Monia Swaans, inspiring, motivating, and empowering YOU to make the quantum leap of your life.

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How to Achieve

Today’s affirmation:
How to Achieve

This is affirmation number 71 in my book of affirmations that I’ve been writing. Whatever you repeat to yourself daily, whatever you believe you become. My upcoming book is a must have if you are serious about guiding your future, and feeding your conscious and subconscious minds with utmost positive power.

Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.” – Napoleon Hill.

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By Monia Swaans, Committed to being positive and empowering YOU to make the quantum leap of your life.

With love, belief, and faith.
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The Writing Symphony

Droplets of rain slipping,
I pull the curtain of trees.
Immersed in privacy, I soak them all
into my writing symphony.
The Writing Symphony Poem
 A ray of light touched my brow,
bird’s song fluttered down,
breeze floated feathery tunes,
trees twirled in gratitude.

A single drop into the pool fell,
her voice rose round and round—
 infinite circles casting a spell.

Tucked in the womb of nature’s scene,
I felt a song play within.
The sounds of nature,

a new symphony is born—
the writing symphony.

copyright© by Monia Swaans, February 2014.

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How to Strengthen Your Love Relationships Throughout 2014 and Beyond - Monia Swaans published article
I am excited to share the following article I wrote which was published in the paper this last December. Use this heart-warming story throughout the year to strengthen the ties between you and your lover, your kids, your mother, etc. Use the idea for birthdays, anniversaries, any special occasion, or just because…Here’s the story as it was published:

Few weeks ago, while I was cleaning up my son’s room, I ran into a scroll carefully wrapped in a familiar-looking satin purple ribbon with the word “Serendipity” repeatedly imprinted in gold letters on it. The beautiful sight of the scroll among my son’s cherished memorabilia, he collected over the years, was like air gently blown into the flute of my soul.
When I carefully untied the ribbon, I found not one, but three hand-written letters neatly set, like cherished treasures, one inside the other. While I stared down at the letters, I felt warm loving emotions twirl within my heart.

Three years ago, I started a new tradition. Each Christmas, I took the time to reflect upon the departing year and hand-write a letter to each of my two kids in order to tell them what I appreciate about them and highlight their virtues. Every word I wrote in the letter came from my heart with the purpose of bringing out the best in my son and daughter. I considered it a nice stepping stone to transition into the New Year. It was the closing note of a departing year’s melody and an opening one to a brand-new beautiful symphony—the gift of love that I gave of myself to them. - Christmas Letter from Mother to Child

Few days later, I walked into my daughter’s room to see the cutest little girl’s face smiling at me from a picture sitting on the desk. I smiled back and grabbed the photo. Once again, I saw my hand-written Christmas letters neatly stacked on my daughter’s desk beneath her favorite childhood picture with the now familiar “Serendipity” ribbon carefully folded and laid upon them. Although my daughter has long been gone to college and has been living in a different town, the message she left behind shined as brightly as the beautiful sun and filled me with a tender and loving feeling. I could almost hear her softly whisper in my ear, “These are the memories I treasure, Mom”.

Three years later, all of the previous Christmas gifts have faded in the background. Long after the toys have broken, the clothes have gone out of style and no longer fit my kids, the three letters are still intact with “Serendipity” imprinted all over them. It’s amazing how karma never ceases to circle back. You never give without receiving. In fact, I’ve come to understand over the years that giving and receiving are embedded in each other. You can’t have one without the other.
So this holiday season, I invite you to give of yourself, for this is the truest form of giving. The gift of love and care is always well-fitted and well-fitting. It mends and strengthens relationships, and makes everyone’s heart sing. The cherry on the top, love is always in style.
May the gift of love fill your hearts and your home, and remain ever-present all year long.

Monia Swaans,
With all my love.

If this story stroke a cord within you, share it and use it to make your loved ones feel special, but whatever you do, do it from the heart.

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