The Fading Sun


They say the sun is fading
and I say none,
the sun will go on shining,
she is never done.

By Monia Swaans, M.B.A. Poet and Writer.

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The All-Seeing Eye

I have gone to edge where lions are thin and gray,
their measly tails recount stories of hell,
desperately lost, I nearly fell.

hold on to me
I heard a stout lion yell,
Within your heart forever I shall live,
hear my roars,
you ask and I shall give.
All it takes is a light beam,
a scream
to penetrate dark matter
A peep-hole in a roofless room”
sun at top of pyramid jan 1 2014 spa 2000

He put me on condor wings,
flew me to the sun-gate,
then landed at the edge of sea,
waiting there was my fate—
a pyramid standing tall,
the all-seeing eye
watching from its peak.
illumined eye
Let us see eye-to-eye“,
said the sun—
the illumined eye.
“Through this window our souls meet—
the seat of my soul is connected to your soul’s seat.

Can’t you see?
I am reflected in your eyes and you are projected onto me,
we are one till eternity.

sun - Illuminate eye

Look within

The power lies within
The light beams within
The answer IS within”.

Copywright(C) by Monia Swaans, April 2014

Note: I took the green eye picture when I was led to it on the beach. I also took the photograph of the sun at the peak of the pyramid. Few days later, there was a halo around the sun–the third picture. I also visited the sun-gate in Machu Picchu. This is my poetic interpretation of true life events.

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The Smile

The Smile
Today, I’m simply all smiles all day. The sun rays touching my skin remind me to smile, and that’s what I shall do.

When you smile upon the day, the day smiles back upon you 🙂

Something as simple as a smile triggers your brains to produce “feel-good” hormones such as dopamine. Your muscles relax, you reduce stress, you improve your immune system, your feel more positive, you have happier thoughts, gentler words, and a calm inviting demeanor, and you make better decisions–amazing what a smile can do!

When you smile to someone, she/he smiles back to you. You bring out the best in her/him and in yourself 🙂

When you smile to the world, the world smiles back to you 🙂

As I write this, I’m simply all smiles and I invite you to be the same 🙂

Keep smiling…

Namaste 🙂

About the picture: Artist: Watasayamon Saenghiru. Title of Artwork: The Smile

By Monia Swaans, committed to touching you in the most uplifting and positive way. I cordially invite you to follow my blog, share, and connect with me on my official facebook page by visiting the following link and clicking “Like”:

Note: This is affirmation number 48 from my book of #affirmations that I’m currently writing. Stay connected with me to receive notice when this empowering book is published.

Peaceful Warrior

Every once in a while, life brings us storms and throws us into wars that are not of our choosing.
In my mind, it’s not about winning or losing - Peaceful-Warrior
For a long time, I had trouble with the term “peaceful warrior” in yoga. I always thought it to be an oxymoron. How could these two words ever marry each other? Today I understood what it means.

This morning, I paid my usual visit to my garden, which by now has become one of my ultimate teachers. Then, I noticed something so endearing and refreshing—a small aspiring sunflower, who was knocked down by a passing storm few days ago, was up again, totally focusing on the sun. She went out of her way to remember to get up, redirect, and follow the light. Then I remembered the small storm which came knocking on my door the night before…
sunflower following the light

Once again, the garden delivered the lesson:
It’s about remembering not to become bitter, not to become a hater, for to your spirit, it’s none other than litter.
It’s not about getting even. It’s about staying positive in the face of a storm.
It’s about holding onto your dignity, and not being dragged into a place of dark.
It’s about holding onto your inner-light, regrouping, and redirecting your energy towards the positive.

Remember, as Rumi said “the door is open and round”. The sun came up again this morning.

Good morning sunshine, you are worthy of a crown

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Monia Swaans,
Committed to staying positive, and inspiring you to do the same