The Fading Sun


They say the sun is fading
and I say none,
the sun will go on shining,
she is never done.

By Monia Swaans, M.B.A. Poet and Writer.

Do you think I should include this short poem in my poetry book soon to be released?

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The All-Seeing Eye

I have gone to edge where lions are thin and gray,
their measly tails recount stories of hell,
desperately lost, I nearly fell.

hold on to me
I heard a stout lion yell,
Within your heart forever I shall live,
hear my roars,
you ask and I shall give.
All it takes is a light beam,
a scream
to penetrate dark matter
A peep-hole in a roofless room”
sun at top of pyramid jan 1 2014 spa 2000

He put me on condor wings,
flew me to the sun-gate,
then landed at the edge of sea,
waiting there was my fate—
a pyramid standing tall,
the all-seeing eye
watching from its peak.
illumined eye
Let us see eye-to-eye“,
said the sun—
the illumined eye.
“Through this window our souls meet—
the seat of my soul is connected to your soul’s seat.

Can’t you see?
I am reflected in your eyes and you are projected onto me,
we are one till eternity.

sun - Illuminate eye

Look within

The power lies within
The light beams within
The answer IS within”.

Copywright(C) by Monia Swaans, April 2014

Note: I took the green eye picture when I was led to it on the beach. I also took the photograph of the sun at the peak of the pyramid. Few days later, there was a halo around the sun–the third picture. I also visited the sun-gate in Machu Picchu. This is my poetic interpretation of true life events.

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Writer’s Best Companions

writer companion

My stories are my companions
I’m never alone,
They stroke my heart and soul
with feathers of peacock and hummingbird.

My fellow writers, poets, and bloggers, who are your companions.  Do you believe that writing is a lonely world?

The above is an excerpt from a poem in my poetry book to be released in the near future. Stay tuned.

By Monia Swaans, committed to inspiring you to be better than you’ve ever imagined.

With all my love.

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The Writing Symphony

Droplets of rain slipping,
I pull the curtain of trees.
Immersed in privacy, I soak them all
into my writing symphony.
The Writing Symphony Poem
 A ray of light touched my brow,
bird’s song fluttered down,
breeze floated feathery tunes,
trees twirled in gratitude.

A single drop into the pool fell,
her voice rose round and round—
 infinite circles casting a spell.

Tucked in the womb of nature’s scene,
I felt a song play within.
The sounds of nature,

a new symphony is born—
the writing symphony.

copyright© by Monia Swaans, February 2014.

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Scenic Road – Poem - Scenic Road poem

Leaves falling one by one from a tree.
Do they choose their destiny,
or is it the wind who
guides the trajectory?

Is it me who’s looking at the tree,
or is the tree looking at me?

Mortal beings we may be,
but we can pick the trajectory.
Wherever happiness lies
that’s where you will find me,
for my will is free.

I shall travel the scenic road,
stop and smell the rose.
Write poetry, not just prose.

I shall touch the cloud,
follow the rainbow
till my circle comes round.

I shall hop,
dance, and trot,
all the way home.


Copywright© Monia Swaans, January 2014
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