The Ultimate Business Mentor and The Multiplier Effect


Last year around this time, I was no where near here. I was home in the USA busy planting a garden. Today, I find myself a VIP in Dubai, UAE. How did I come to be the unstoppable go-getter who finds a way to make business happen and saves the client a million dollar in the process?

The answer will surprise you, but you must read to the end in order to fully comprehend.

Sure I have business degrees, experience, etc. Then again most consultants do.  What I did differently, is that I planted a garden and watched life grow. I learned first hand from natural intelligence at work. From a single seed came flowers, bees, birds, butterflies and trees. A whole new rich world–the multiplier effect.

My garden was the ultimate mentor who taught me some of the most valuable business lessons and ethics. There is universal intelligence at work at all times. Gardening helped me tap into this intelligence.

Five months ago, I was hired by a well-established US firm in order to assist in setting up a Dubai branch. I stayed at the Marriott with the rest of the company’s team. Then I found out that the company was paying a staggering $536 per night for each employee.  I took it upon myself to negotiate a better rate. During one of my meetings with the Marriott sales Manager, who happened to be from Syria, I found myself talking to him in my native tongue (Arabic). What came out of my mouth surprised even myself.  That was a defining moment where I stroke the right cord to produce a great melody. The Manager who originally thought I was American, felt that I could relate to the core of his culture and the wisdom of his ancestors. We were no longer two people from two different worlds sitting across the table negotiating a discount. The next morning, he called me to tell me that he woke up in the middle of the night thinking about what I said. “Where did you learn such wisdom? Very few people in Syria can articulate this kind of Arabic”, he said. I told him that I owe it to my mother and my garden–two deeply nurturing livings.  From then on, he bent backwards to provide outstanding service to the company’s employees, he helped me establish a corporate account for the US firm, and lowered the rate from the starting point of $536 to only $164 per night–a 69% discount! Multiply that by an average of 10 employees and project it over a year…You get the picture.

So, if you want to grow your business, don’t just go about your business.

Become unstoppable and unforgettable.

And most of all, believe…Belief can move mountains and build empires.

And always remember,

you are more powerful than you think.

How Do Dreams Come True?—Negotiate

You Get What You Negotiate

Dearest Reader,
Happy Monday wherever you are I invite you to join us. Let us all build a momentum.
Let us all put hands together. The burdens shall weigh like a feather.

If you find yourself dreading this day, chances are, you’re not happy where you are.
Don’t let this week pass you by, just like the one before.
Don’t get tangled in the routine. Don’t let it suck you in.

Set your intention to take one action, which changes your direction towards your dream place.
One action you put out there, takes a life of its own. You set things in motion. You just never know what transpires…

Please don’t put it off. The longer you wait, the heavier the burden becomes. Alas! Next Monday you find yourself in the exact same place.
Do it now. Here’s my intention: I shall enter an important poetry contest, which would put me farther in my chosen race

What’s your intention for this week? Write it down and do it before Saturday.
Please come back here and write your feedback. We’d love to hear what transpired. We all get more inspired.

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