The Perfect Love Story


The perfect marriage between the monarch butterfly and this princess flower with a crown on her head.

If you’d like to keep your loved ones close, feed their souls and be delightful to their senses. That’s your gravitational pull.

Who could better know love than nature?

A love tip raw from my garden to you🌻

Monia Swaans, M.B.A. Connected to nature and inviting you to do the same.


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The Smile

The Smile
Today, I’m simply all smiles all day. The sun rays touching my skin remind me to smile, and that’s what I shall do.

When you smile upon the day, the day smiles back upon you 🙂

Something as simple as a smile triggers your brains to produce “feel-good” hormones such as dopamine. Your muscles relax, you reduce stress, you improve your immune system, your feel more positive, you have happier thoughts, gentler words, and a calm inviting demeanor, and you make better decisions–amazing what a smile can do!

When you smile to someone, she/he smiles back to you. You bring out the best in her/him and in yourself 🙂

When you smile to the world, the world smiles back to you 🙂

As I write this, I’m simply all smiles and I invite you to be the same 🙂

Keep smiling…

Namaste 🙂

About the picture: Artist: Watasayamon Saenghiru. Title of Artwork: The Smile

By Monia Swaans, committed to touching you in the most uplifting and positive way. I cordially invite you to follow my blog, share, and connect with me on my official facebook page by visiting the following link and clicking “Like”:

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The Writing Symphony

Droplets of rain slipping,
I pull the curtain of trees.
Immersed in privacy, I soak them all
into my writing symphony.
The Writing Symphony Poem
 A ray of light touched my brow,
bird’s song fluttered down,
breeze floated feathery tunes,
trees twirled in gratitude.

A single drop into the pool fell,
her voice rose round and round—
 infinite circles casting a spell.

Tucked in the womb of nature’s scene,
I felt a song play within.
The sounds of nature,

a new symphony is born—
the writing symphony.

copyright© by Monia Swaans, February 2014.

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Angel Tree – Poetry

Angel Tree - Poetry

I stood on my balcony
looking at the glowing tree.
I heard a bird singing
and looked up to see
he stood at her zenith
reaching to infinity.

“The bird”, the tree said,
“is an extension of me.
We sing the same melody.

When night falls,
through whispers of leaves,
I hypnotize thee.
In my loving womb, he dreams
gestating my symphony;
and when morning comes,
he serenades thee.

WE, chant the same melody.

The one who cuts a tree
disrupts the universal song—
life’s musical energy.

Sing along with me
through words of poetry.”

That’s how this poem came to me.
I don’t write poetry,
for I only transcribe the universal melody
of the angel tree.

Copyright© by Monia Swaans, January 2014

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Scenic Road – Poem - Scenic Road poem

Leaves falling one by one from a tree.
Do they choose their destiny,
or is it the wind who
guides the trajectory?

Is it me who’s looking at the tree,
or is the tree looking at me?

Mortal beings we may be,
but we can pick the trajectory.
Wherever happiness lies
that’s where you will find me,
for my will is free.

I shall travel the scenic road,
stop and smell the rose.
Write poetry, not just prose.

I shall touch the cloud,
follow the rainbow
till my circle comes round.

I shall hop,
dance, and trot,
all the way home.


Copywright© Monia Swaans, January 2014
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Imagination is our wings. Through imagination we can instantly be in space, back in time, or in any place.

This is my new awe-inspiring friend, the monarch butterfly, who pays daily visits to my garden. She finally allowed me to capture her beauty, which takes my breath away.

I’m sharing her with you as my Thanksgiving gift.

May this monarch butterfly bring out all the beauty within you on this holiday season

Monia Swaans,
Inspiring you to find the beauty within.

The Voices of the Unseen – Poem - the voices of the unseen
Today, I lend my white pages to the beautiful voices of the unseen.

I’d gladly be the bed of their river stream.

They have filled four pages so far…

A new song is born

to feed the souls of the unknown.

Copyright © by Monia Swaans, November 2013
Art by Jui Ishida

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Monia Swaans,
Inspiring you to use the power of intention to make the quantum leap of your life