The Perfect Love Story


The perfect marriage between the monarch butterfly and this princess flower with a crown on her head.

If you’d like to keep your loved ones close, feed their souls and be delightful to their senses. That’s your gravitational pull.

Who could better know love than nature?

A love tip raw from my garden to you🌻

Monia Swaans, M.B.A. Connected to nature and inviting you to do the same.


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How to Strengthen Your Love Relationships Throughout 2014 and Beyond - Monia Swaans published article
I am excited to share the following article I wrote which was published in the paper this last December. Use this heart-warming story throughout the year to strengthen the ties between you and your lover, your kids, your mother, etc. Use the idea for birthdays, anniversaries, any special occasion, or just because…Here’s the story as it was published:

Few weeks ago, while I was cleaning up my son’s room, I ran into a scroll carefully wrapped in a familiar-looking satin purple ribbon with the word “Serendipity” repeatedly imprinted in gold letters on it. The beautiful sight of the scroll among my son’s cherished memorabilia, he collected over the years, was like air gently blown into the flute of my soul.
When I carefully untied the ribbon, I found not one, but three hand-written letters neatly set, like cherished treasures, one inside the other. While I stared down at the letters, I felt warm loving emotions twirl within my heart.

Three years ago, I started a new tradition. Each Christmas, I took the time to reflect upon the departing year and hand-write a letter to each of my two kids in order to tell them what I appreciate about them and highlight their virtues. Every word I wrote in the letter came from my heart with the purpose of bringing out the best in my son and daughter. I considered it a nice stepping stone to transition into the New Year. It was the closing note of a departing year’s melody and an opening one to a brand-new beautiful symphony—the gift of love that I gave of myself to them. - Christmas Letter from Mother to Child

Few days later, I walked into my daughter’s room to see the cutest little girl’s face smiling at me from a picture sitting on the desk. I smiled back and grabbed the photo. Once again, I saw my hand-written Christmas letters neatly stacked on my daughter’s desk beneath her favorite childhood picture with the now familiar “Serendipity” ribbon carefully folded and laid upon them. Although my daughter has long been gone to college and has been living in a different town, the message she left behind shined as brightly as the beautiful sun and filled me with a tender and loving feeling. I could almost hear her softly whisper in my ear, “These are the memories I treasure, Mom”.

Three years later, all of the previous Christmas gifts have faded in the background. Long after the toys have broken, the clothes have gone out of style and no longer fit my kids, the three letters are still intact with “Serendipity” imprinted all over them. It’s amazing how karma never ceases to circle back. You never give without receiving. In fact, I’ve come to understand over the years that giving and receiving are embedded in each other. You can’t have one without the other.
So this holiday season, I invite you to give of yourself, for this is the truest form of giving. The gift of love and care is always well-fitted and well-fitting. It mends and strengthens relationships, and makes everyone’s heart sing. The cherry on the top, love is always in style.
May the gift of love fill your hearts and your home, and remain ever-present all year long.

Monia Swaans,
With all my love.

If this story stroke a cord within you, share it and use it to make your loved ones feel special, but whatever you do, do it from the heart.

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The Voice of Love - The Voice of Love

Let your song be the wind to my heart’s sail
and the air to the flute of my soul.
Cast your magic spell.

Let my voice join your voice
in the melody of the spirit riding the rising sun.
Let us be one.

Copyright © by Monia Swaans, January 2014

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The Seven Secrets of Having a Fantastic Year 2014

milky way - Fantastic 2014

Want to have a fantastic year 2014? In this article, I shall reveal to you the seven secrets:
1 Embrace.
2 Set your intention.
3 Immerse in deep faith.
4 Harmonize.
5 Visualize and activate your sensory centers.
• Hear the symphony and dance to the music.
• Touch the fabric.
• Feel the substance.
• Smell the aromas.
• Taste the sweetness.
6 Stay rooted and centered, yet open to the possibilities.
7 Express your gratitude.

1 Embrace
Happy new year! I see 2014 riding the light, and I welcome him. I open my arms wide, I close my eyes and see the new year covered with ornate shapes, colorful fragrant flowers, infused with soothing sounds to my soul. I look up, and see him crowned with diamonds full of luster and infinite light reflections. I give him a big welcoming embrace and he instantly does the same. I’m already comfortable in his snuggly and loving embrace. I touch him and he instantly touches me back with his silky fabric set on a solid, robust, healthy, and warm core.

2 Set Your Intention
“Welcome 2014. I love you with all my heart and I can already feel you loving me back. I set my intention to move in the good well-intentioned direction of my heartfelt dream. I take well-intentioned actions, and receive good well-intentioned reactions”, I say.
2014 whispers in my ear that he brings me goodies, beautiful surprises, joy, fun, robust health, and wonderful excitement. “But”, he says, “I have all these goodies up my sleeve, I shall give to ONLY those who BELIEVE.”

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3 Immerse in deep faith
I believe in 2014 and trust him full-heartedly. I am immersed in deep faith, whereby no room is left for neither hesitation nor fear. I comfortably settle into the crevices of his love, perfectly shaped for the curves of my body and soul. We are one.

4 Harmonize
Time is on my side. All forces are on my side. I, brain, body, spirit, and soul, am in harmony with the forces, moving in the right direction. It gets better and better all year. Even when it appears that there’s no way out, I keep my faith rooted in place. A door opens, I walk through it with ease, all difficulties fall aside and melt away. I get to the other safe and happier side.

5 Visualize and activate your sensory centers
I see a well-lit road, lined up with pastures of flowers, leading me to my great destination. I make great strides in achieving my goals (write them down here). I see the sun at the zenith of a pyramid, I see islands set in a sea of tranquility and beauty. It gets better and better all the time.
I can feel it with all my six senses. I can already see the magic, and hear the mystical, yet enchanting symphony transporting me to beautiful ecstasies beyond my wildest fantasies. I can feel the soft fabric; I smell the roses in full bloom, the jasmine, the fresh mint aromas, and the crisp fresh air. “Oh yes”, I hear myself say to the sweet scent and delicious taste of dark “chocolat”, as I feel my mouth getting watery, my face relaxing, my lips parting in a smile, and my eyes twinkling like my lucky star.

6 Stay rooted and centered, yet open to the possibilities
I move and sway with the beautiful symphony of 2014 centered in my good intentions and my deep feelings of love and faith. Yet, I am flexible like the palm tree who stays rooted while swaying with the forces. I am the well-centered eagle, wings wide open, flying above the weather. I am open to the beautiful possibilities which come my way and I’m committed to cease the opportunities and the day. I expect year 2014 to surpass my great imagination along the road of a wonderful destination.

7 Express Gratitude
I can already see myself at the end of the year thanking this amazing year for all the grace, joy, excitement, and riches of life. “Thank you 2014 from the heart for the fantastic progress and all your eloquent finesse.”

Monia Swaans, with all my love. I set my intention for the year 2014. I visualize an enchanting year, I visualize a happy ending, and I invite you to do the same. The symphony has already begun, you’d better join in and partake in this enchanting party. Use my process to set YOUR OWN goals and visualize YOUR OWN wishes and dreams.

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Sea of Beauty - Stay Beautiful

Stay Beautiful!

Today, I’m deeply anchored in the sea of beauty, love and peace.
I radiate light, and I attract the same.

Watch yourself throughout the day, watch what you say and how you react.
Adjust your attitude back to the main axis of beauty, love and peace.

If you catch yourself saying foul language, stop, shift,
smile, and replace it with something positive.
Approach situations from the flip side.
Learn to have a flexible mind.
It’s good for your heart.

Remember! Rigid things break under pressure,
while the palm tree sways happily with the wind.

Worry not about how others act, but watch how you react.
I leave you with that thought.

Monia Swaans,
Committed to staying positive and inviting you to do the same

The Voices of the Unseen – Poem - the voices of the unseen
Today, I lend my white pages to the beautiful voices of the unseen.

I’d gladly be the bed of their river stream.

They have filled four pages so far…

A new song is born

to feed the souls of the unknown.

Copyright © by Monia Swaans, November 2013
Art by Jui Ishida

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Monia Swaans,
Inspiring you to use the power of intention to make the quantum leap of your life

Positive Affirmation – Say Yes

Secretus.rog - Say Yes Affirmation
My dearest reader,
I invite you to actively look for the good within you and all around you, and say yes to it.

Say yes to the warmth of the sun. Say yes to the sound of the birds, say yes to a smile. If no one is smiling, be the first one to do so, and let your smile be contagious.
Say yes to love and harmony.
Say yes to the beautiful celestial light.
Say yes to the tree, the positive energy gazing at you through your window, filtering your air, and enhancing your view.

For while you’re busy saying yes to all the positive things. You’re not focused on the negative. You’re not thinking about what’s wrong. Even if things go wrong, or at least don’t go your way, when equipped with a positive attitude and a good outlook, you are more likely to stay calm, to keep things in perspective, to think clearly, and, off-course, very likely to address the situation without it ever making an imprint on your day.

This is what I call the shift. It is not about resisting the negative, it is about opening yourself to the positive. Yes. It’s about filling your heart, mind, and spirit with the constructive positive energy. And therein lies the secret power which leads you to a happy place.

So I invite you to look for the good and take a beautiful deep breath and say yesssss, I can breath. And that, my friend, is a great place to start.

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To be continued…


Monia Swaans
Committed to staying positive, and inspiring you to do the same