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You Have More Power Than you Think

I hope you see this just on time when you need it. We are more powerful than we think. A word of caution: use your power in a constructive and positive way.  You harvest what you sow–IN MULTIPLES.

I used this empowering affirmation today to feel strong and think positively and self-assuredly. It worked for me.  I hope it works for you too.

By Monia Swaans, MBA

Positively, always.

How Do Dreams Come True?—Four Steps

“God seems to throw himself on the side of the man who
knows exactly what he wants”
~ Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

1/ Do you know exactly what you want?

2/ Do you have a vision of what you want?

3/ Do you have a plan as to how to get there?

4/ Do you have a definite time—a deadline?

Today, I answered the fourth question. I will release my book of beautiful poetry and my book of empowering positive affirmations just on time for the holidays to add magic to this time of the year. May God throw himself on my side, for I know exactly what I want.
Let the magic begin.

It’s your turn to answer the question.

Do YOU know exactly what you want?

By Monia Swaans, inspiring, motivating, and empowering YOU to make the quantum leap of your life.

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How to Achieve

Today’s affirmation:
How to Achieve

This is affirmation number 71 in my book of affirmations that I’ve been writing. Whatever you repeat to yourself daily, whatever you believe you become. My upcoming book is a must have if you are serious about guiding your future, and feeding your conscious and subconscious minds with utmost positive power.

Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.” – Napoleon Hill.

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By Monia Swaans, Committed to being positive and empowering YOU to make the quantum leap of your life.

With love, belief, and faith.
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How Do Dreams Come True – Secret Intuition

Today, is a groundbreaking day. It finally came to me. It’s been a lifetime process, but on this day, I finally saw it clearly. I understood how to hone intuition in order to feel things coming before they manifest themselves.

Growing up, I’ve been labeled as very sensitive. The older I get, the more I acquire wisdom, and the more I am certain that sensitivity is one of the most valuable gifts one can have.
The power lies not in the deafening thunder, but in the vibrations no one can hear, which come from under. This is how a small seed sprouts and breaks through the ground to become the giant tree. You never hear the sprout breaking through the ground. You can’t see the seed below the ground, yet it’s there.

What if you could?

What if you could see the giant in the invisible seed?

What if you could see it before it happens and position yourself accordingly. Imagine the possibilities which open up to you…
How Do Dreams Come True - Intuition

I am documenting the experience and the process to share the secret with you in my future book. Imagine the power of seeing things while they are still on their way. Imagine positioning yourself ahead of the event and ahead of the crowd that’s stomping blindly around…
Stay connected. Stay tuned…

By Monia Swaans, Empowering YOU to reach for your shining dream.
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Today’s empowering affirmation: I am a WINNER.


By Monia Swaans, committed to touching you in the most positive uplifting, and empowering way.
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