Field of Dreams

Let there be a focal point to your boundless fields of dreams, thus it serves as your point of reference and the compass which guides your steps.

I woke up dreaming of having breakfast in the south of France countryside, sitting at a small round table for two with curved wrought iron legs. Humming birds serenading me with their songs.
Boundless fields of lavender stretching before me, with a single tree where the sky kisses the land.

I stretch my arms yawning with twinkles in my eyes, not a single worry on my mind–my spirit is free,
I get up and start walking amongst the flowers tracing my path towards the single tree…

…sharing a dream…

By Monia Swaans, sharing visions and fields of dreams, and inviting you to do the same.

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Barcelona – The Masterpieces

Today, we visited the Sagrada Familia. Described as “a poem in stones”, i consider it to be by far the most unique and awe-inspiring church in the world (and i have seen an infinite number of them). This masterpiece, which became the symbol of Barcelona, was designed by Antoni Gaudi, the God of architecture, and has been under construction for over a century. It is currently a little over sixty percent complete. The interior is inspired by the intimacy and grandeur of a forest, where each column is a tree reaching to infinity. Gaudi, considered by some the Dante of architecture, studied nature very closely and made her his teacher. The result is a style that is only his and like no other. It is worth mentioning that his work was misunderstood and overlooked, but he did not falter and did not emulate his contemporaries in order to fit in or please the masses. He was simply a genius who’s work was finally discovered by the very rich Guell who dedicated unlimited funds to the Godly art. Enjoy the pictures.