The Answer to Life’s Bewildering Questions

Jim Carrey delivers one of THE most COMPELLING and moving speeches which will answer your most bewildering life’s dilemmas. His poignant words will make you laugh, cry, and leave you deeply inspired:
Watching this speech is one of the most important things you will do today. You are guaranteed to be moved and inspired.
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From Monia Swaans, M.B.A. It’s all about FAITH

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Rose Petals Upon Your Bed

rose petals upon your bed

Let your words be rose petals you spread ahead on your bed,
upon which you’d gladly rest your head when night falls.
For sooner or later, you return home and sleep
in your own bed upon your words’ rosy spread.

Please read until the end to get the full message.

Yesterday, I wrote and posted on my website an article about being positivity itself. It is titled “One Secret of Winning the Game of Life“. In case you missed it, you may read it here:
Today, I decided to upload an angel’s picture to go with that article. While I was at my computer, my husband called me in distress to tell me that the health insurance company did not approve his surgery which was scheduled to happen the following day. I listened to him while gazing in empty space; however, the moment I opened my mouth, and before uttering a single word, the message came to focus before my eyes clearly spelled out for me in black on white. The words I wrote in my article the day before jumped right back at me from my computer screen: “be a PLUS sign”. These positive words were the vision of rose petals I, unknowingly, gently spread upon my bed the day ahead.

Amazing how it’s a closed circle where you eat the fruits of your own words! Off course, I read these very same words to him while smiling at the remarkable timing of it all and the, not coincidence, but divine intervention.

Yes, I expect a divine intervention all the way.
I close my eyes, take a deep breath, fill my heart with faith,
and see the vibrations of pure white light.
I trust that everything will turn out all right.

As I find myself rolling in my own words I wrote the day before, am I ever glad they had the touch of silk upon my soul, just in time when I needed a soft stroke of a feather. I am thankful for the gentle voice who instructed me to write the message to “be a PLUS sign”. Perhaps that higher voice knew what stepping stone I shall need ahead and instructed me to lay it so I can safely return home. Or may be I’m supposed to be the angel to my husband’s situation and diffuse all negative energy. But I’d gladly breathe the air of my own rose petals.


Monia Swaans,
Inspiring all of you to “be a PLUS sign”, and practicing the same.
rose petals


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One Secret of Winning the Game of Life - Angels

One secret of winning the game of life, is to practice being positivity itself. Remember what makes the world go round. The nucleus of the atom – the heart- is positive. Without this fact the world, as we know it, would cease to exist.
Change your “default” settings to being a plus sign. Practice this and watch miracles unfold in your life. Angels are positivity itself. When present, they diffuse negativity and bring about miraculous outcomes. You are in control of your thinking and feelings. Take control and choose to be a PLUS sign.


Monia Swaans
Committed to sharing with YOU the secrets of life ❤

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How to Improve Your Day - Stay Positive

As you progress through your day, catch yourself as you drift towards negativity.

Redirect your energy,

shift back to your center of gravity.

Remain centered and positively charged

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Monia Swaans,

Committed to staying positive, and inspiring you to do the same.

Peaceful Warrior

Every once in a while, life brings us storms and throws us into wars that are not of our choosing.
In my mind, it’s not about winning or losing - Peaceful-Warrior
For a long time, I had trouble with the term “peaceful warrior” in yoga. I always thought it to be an oxymoron. How could these two words ever marry each other? Today I understood what it means.

This morning, I paid my usual visit to my garden, which by now has become one of my ultimate teachers. Then, I noticed something so endearing and refreshing—a small aspiring sunflower, who was knocked down by a passing storm few days ago, was up again, totally focusing on the sun. She went out of her way to remember to get up, redirect, and follow the light. Then I remembered the small storm which came knocking on my door the night before…
sunflower following the light

Once again, the garden delivered the lesson:
It’s about remembering not to become bitter, not to become a hater, for to your spirit, it’s none other than litter.
It’s not about getting even. It’s about staying positive in the face of a storm.
It’s about holding onto your dignity, and not being dragged into a place of dark.
It’s about holding onto your inner-light, regrouping, and redirecting your energy towards the positive.

Remember, as Rumi said “the door is open and round”. The sun came up again this morning.

Good morning sunshine, you are worthy of a crown

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Monia Swaans,
Committed to staying positive, and inspiring you to do the same

The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life
Life is none but a state of being,
death is none but a state of being,
alternating, rejuvenating.
Life and death are none
but one vibration repeating.

There is no emptiness, no room to spare,
even in death you are supporting life,
You are always somewhere.
…Start to care.

Was my mother ever dead?
Forever she’s ingrained within me—
life holding onto life,
Even in death,
She is supporting life.

Was Mozart ever dead?
Even in death,
he brings more life to life.

The leaves shed by a tree—
the leaves we call dead,
invite the sun, rain and wind,
they turn into mulch at the base of a tree.
They have a purpose—
wherever there’s a purpose
there’s life.

None is ever lost,
it’s always somewhere.
Life supporting life.

Of death, you should have no fear,
your soul doesn’t just disappear.
YOU are never lost,
you’re always somewhere,
in a circle, not a square.
The circle of life.

Copyright © by Monia Swaans, October 2013

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Picture: original circle of life painting. Sweet Serenity by Megan Duncanson.