YOU Should Know This

You Have More Power Than you Think

I hope you see this just on time when you need it. We are more powerful than we think. A word of caution: use your power in a constructive and positive way.  You harvest what you sow–IN MULTIPLES.

I used this empowering affirmation today to feel strong and think positively and self-assuredly. It worked for me.  I hope it works for you too.

By Monia Swaans, MBA

Positively, always.

The Answer to Life’s Bewildering Questions

Jim Carrey delivers one of THE most COMPELLING and moving speeches which will answer your most bewildering life’s dilemmas. His poignant words will make you laugh, cry, and leave you deeply inspired:
Watching this speech is one of the most important things you will do today. You are guaranteed to be moved and inspired.
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From Monia Swaans, M.B.A. It’s all about FAITH

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Rose Petals Upon Your Bed

rose petals upon your bed

Let your words be rose petals you spread ahead on your bed,
upon which you’d gladly rest your head when night falls.
For sooner or later, you return home and sleep
in your own bed upon your words’ rosy spread.

Please read until the end to get the full message.

Yesterday, I wrote and posted on my website an article about being positivity itself. It is titled “One Secret of Winning the Game of Life“. In case you missed it, you may read it here:
Today, I decided to upload an angel’s picture to go with that article. While I was at my computer, my husband called me in distress to tell me that the health insurance company did not approve his surgery which was scheduled to happen the following day. I listened to him while gazing in empty space; however, the moment I opened my mouth, and before uttering a single word, the message came to focus before my eyes clearly spelled out for me in black on white. The words I wrote in my article the day before jumped right back at me from my computer screen: “be a PLUS sign”. These positive words were the vision of rose petals I, unknowingly, gently spread upon my bed the day ahead.

Amazing how it’s a closed circle where you eat the fruits of your own words! Off course, I read these very same words to him while smiling at the remarkable timing of it all and the, not coincidence, but divine intervention.

Yes, I expect a divine intervention all the way.
I close my eyes, take a deep breath, fill my heart with faith,
and see the vibrations of pure white light.
I trust that everything will turn out all right.

As I find myself rolling in my own words I wrote the day before, am I ever glad they had the touch of silk upon my soul, just in time when I needed a soft stroke of a feather. I am thankful for the gentle voice who instructed me to write the message to “be a PLUS sign”. Perhaps that higher voice knew what stepping stone I shall need ahead and instructed me to lay it so I can safely return home. Or may be I’m supposed to be the angel to my husband’s situation and diffuse all negative energy. But I’d gladly breathe the air of my own rose petals.


Monia Swaans,
Inspiring all of you to “be a PLUS sign”, and practicing the same.
rose petals


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How to Improve Your Day - Stay Positive

As you progress through your day, catch yourself as you drift towards negativity.

Redirect your energy,

shift back to your center of gravity.

Remain centered and positively charged

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Monia Swaans,

Committed to staying positive, and inspiring you to do the same.

Please Share…Spread the peace to show that you care

Feel the sense of peace within,
and in the air.
Spreading the peace you shall dare,
and I will know that you care…

The more you share,
the more she spreads her wings,
and flies everywhere.

Set her free.
Let her fly around the world
and come back to you
with the message
of love, peace and tender care.
What goes around
Comes around…
in multiples

I Love Peace

Dreams Do Come True

Machu Picchu - Thankful

Happiness resides in being thankful

Today, I’m thankful for witnessing the miracle and wonders of Machu Picchu. The cherry on top: conquering fear of heights, and climbing all the way to Intipunku* in Machu Picchu**—A dream come true.

Here’s how you make your dreams come true:

Start by being grateful for your blessings. Write them down and express them in your own voice.

Fill your heart with love and contentment.

Write down your dreams.

Visualize them.

See yourself already there.

Do you see the colors? What colors are there?

Do you hear the sounds? Are they soothing to your soul?

What do you see yourself doing when you visualize yourself in the dream?

Are you smiling and happy?

If you need help, cut out a picture of what your dream looks like, and post it on your wall, where you can see it daily.

Nurture the dream, the vision with love and gratitude.

Synchronize with the universe.

Express your desire in your own voice, in order to put your unique vibrations out in the cosmos.

Run as fast as you can away from the cynics. Think that they are here so you can build your immune system.

Surround yourself with positive vibrations: the vibrations of love, flowers, sunlight, contentment, giving, positive expressions, honest work, cooperation…It’s all out there, the choice is yours as to what to plug into.

How much faith do you have in the universe, God, the supreme power to deliver?

To be continued…

The time to start is now:

What are you thankful for? Write down your blessings.

* Intipunku: Quechan language, meaning Sun-Gate. Inti: sun, Punku: Gate

**Machu Picchu: Quechan language, meaning the Old Mountain. Machu: Old. Picchu: mountain.

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The Best is Yet to Come

the best is yet to come infinity symbol

Everyday I say: I understand.
The next day I say: a little more I comprehend,
now I really understand.

This well of knowledge is deep.
Keep your faith in a heap.
Be ready to make a leap.

Life is about learning.
An infinite journey of learning.
Even in my grave I can hear me say:
I’m beginning to understand.

Is there ever an end?

The best is yet to come

Choose to be an optimist. Your life is a reflection of your beliefs. Please share if you believe in the best is yet to come