Monia Swaans - Swaans' quill brings you magic from her deep well.

Monia Swaans – Swaans’ quill brings you magic from her deep well.

A promise I shall strive to keep:  I will only write from the heart regarding issues I care about.

The Writing on the Wall:
“It is only with the heart that one can see right, what is essential is invisible to the eyes” – Someone wrote these beautiful words on the two-foot wide sea-wall, I run on, at the south end of the island where I live. Running three times-a-week on top of the see wall is part of my mind-body exercise and meditative practice.

For few months, my feet pounded the writing on the wall—the new focal point of my meditation—echoing with my heart beats, the vibrations of wind, the sound of water, the rustle of leaves, and the birds singing to the trees—vibrations merging together and climaxing as one song twirling within my soul—the sound of universal music.

It was all meant to be there for me to witness, on the path of my journey of exploration, self-discovery and enlightenment…

The Shift:

The “Now” is the crescendo of all past experiences. When you think of it this way, you will never take the present moment for granted. All past experiences—one experience at a time, one dream at a time, one decision at a time, and one action at a time, synergize, and climax into the Now. Where you are at any moment is not a random occurrence, or due to a single chaotic accident.

My journey begun long before my “writing on the wall” experience. It is a journey of years of exploration, research, book reading, meditation, yoga, and connection with nature. All climaxed into “the shift”, with the “writing on the wall” experience being the precursor.
Something incredible shifted within me. The first time I witnessed the beauty beyond any earthly words, I cried and didn’t understand what was happening. Was this a once in a lifetime revelation—a small peak at the hidden truth? Is this an introduction to the world of enlightenment? How would I know? This is a place where I’ve never been before.

But now I know that the shift has so far been real. I’m able to see the amazing aura of trees, plants, flowers…A sight I cannot describe. A divine experience where all is alive like I have never witnessed it before. All vibrates with beaming energy which penetrates the depths of my soul and provides me with profound faith, contentment, and serenity. I have known all along that humans have auras, but never did it occur to me that trees, and all plants have the most awe-inspiring divine light and energy.

This compelling experience is part of a larger shift in my life. Revelations started to come to me in the middle of my sleep. I started waking up with stories in my head, itching to be inscribed on paper. Most of the time, it was more like taking dictation from this beautiful voice within. Let me confess that even I didn’t know that some of the dictation was poetry, until I put it on paper and read it and re-read it. O what a beautiful gift! Thank you my loving divine!

“We’ve known you for over 40 years, we didn’t know that you write poetry!”, my surprised friends would say. I didn’t know it either. But now I know better: we are infinite beings. Once we tap into our infinite potential and connect with our higher Selves, the sky is the limit. Let me correct myself—the possibilities are endless. The word “limit” only exists in the physical mind.
Stunning revelations continue to unfold, one day at a time, and one experience at a time. Every new experience deepens my understanding. So many aha moments have I experienced in the last few years—all food to my insatiable inquisitive mind…

I continue to follow this enchanting path and explore the beautiful spiritual gifts. I started this blog Secretus.org (secretus is Latin, meaning: secret) as my inner-voice directed me to take this action as a first step in sharing the message. I hope you find inspiration in my writing as I follow my true voice. My wish is to bring you books where I share the journey, the aha moments, and the revealed secrets I have been documenting along the way…

From the heart
Monia Swaans
I’d like to inspire you to make the quantum leap of YOUR life.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. mswaans says:

    Thank you tjhunt89. I consider my hands to be the tools for my heart to express itself and make what it loves a visible reality.

  2. tjhunt89 says:

    A noble cause to be sure.. More people should write this way 🙂

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