The All-Seeing Eye

I have gone to edge where lions are thin and gray,
their measly tails recount stories of hell,
desperately lost, I nearly fell.

hold on to me
I heard a stout lion yell,
Within your heart forever I shall live,
hear my roars,
you ask and I shall give.
All it takes is a light beam,
a scream
to penetrate dark matter
A peep-hole in a roofless room”
sun at top of pyramid jan 1 2014 spa 2000

He put me on condor wings,
flew me to the sun-gate,
then landed at the edge of sea,
waiting there was my fate—
a pyramid standing tall,
the all-seeing eye
watching from its peak.
illumined eye
Let us see eye-to-eye“,
said the sun—
the illumined eye.
“Through this window our souls meet—
the seat of my soul is connected to your soul’s seat.

Can’t you see?
I am reflected in your eyes and you are projected onto me,
we are one till eternity.

sun - Illuminate eye

Look within

The power lies within
The light beams within
The answer IS within”.

Copywright(C) by Monia Swaans, April 2014

Note: I took the green eye picture when I was led to it on the beach. I also took the photograph of the sun at the peak of the pyramid. Few days later, there was a halo around the sun–the third picture. I also visited the sun-gate in Machu Picchu. This is my poetic interpretation of true life events.

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