The Writing Symphony

Droplets of rain slipping,
I pull the curtain of trees.
Immersed in privacy, I soak them all
into my writing symphony.
The Writing Symphony Poem
 A ray of light touched my brow,
bird’s song fluttered down,
breeze floated feathery tunes,
trees twirled in gratitude.

A single drop into the pool fell,
her voice rose round and round—
 infinite circles casting a spell.

Tucked in the womb of nature’s scene,
I felt a song play within.
The sounds of nature,

a new symphony is born—
the writing symphony.

copyright© by Monia Swaans, February 2014.

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One thought on “The Writing Symphony

  1. Monia Swaans says:

    Hello friends, nice to see you here.

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