Angel Tree – Poetry

Angel Tree - Poetry

I stood on my balcony
looking at the glowing tree.
I heard a bird singing
and looked up to see
he stood at her zenith
reaching to infinity.

“The bird”, the tree said,
“is an extension of me.
We sing the same melody.

When night falls,
through whispers of leaves,
I hypnotize thee.
In my loving womb, he dreams
gestating my symphony;
and when morning comes,
he serenades thee.

WE, chant the same melody.

The one who cuts a tree
disrupts the universal song—
life’s musical energy.

Sing along with me
through words of poetry.”

That’s how this poem came to me.
I don’t write poetry,
for I only transcribe the universal melody
of the angel tree.

Copyright© by Monia Swaans, January 2014

I hope you share this to protect a tree. Chant with me and with the tree. Follow me for future updates. Connect with me on Facebook through my official fb page where I post daily updates of poetry, inspiration and POSITIVE affirmations:


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