Peaceful Warrior

Every once in a while, life brings us storms and throws us into wars that are not of our choosing.
In my mind, it’s not about winning or losing - Peaceful-Warrior
For a long time, I had trouble with the term “peaceful warrior” in yoga. I always thought it to be an oxymoron. How could these two words ever marry each other? Today I understood what it means.

This morning, I paid my usual visit to my garden, which by now has become one of my ultimate teachers. Then, I noticed something so endearing and refreshing—a small aspiring sunflower, who was knocked down by a passing storm few days ago, was up again, totally focusing on the sun. She went out of her way to remember to get up, redirect, and follow the light. Then I remembered the small storm which came knocking on my door the night before…
sunflower following the light

Once again, the garden delivered the lesson:
It’s about remembering not to become bitter, not to become a hater, for to your spirit, it’s none other than litter.
It’s not about getting even. It’s about staying positive in the face of a storm.
It’s about holding onto your dignity, and not being dragged into a place of dark.
It’s about holding onto your inner-light, regrouping, and redirecting your energy towards the positive.

Remember, as Rumi said “the door is open and round”. The sun came up again this morning.

Good morning sunshine, you are worthy of a crown

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2 thoughts on “Peaceful Warrior

  1. Theodore says:

    Monia I needed this TODAY…Thank You 🙂

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