Sweet Love Variation

Secretus.org - Double Rainbow Over The Sea

Close to sunset time, she stood along the shore,
 a double rainbow stretched to the edge of the sea,
until beauty said no more.

She reached out to touch it.
Before she knew it, love colors filled the air,
the double rainbow flowed down her hair.

Secretus.org - rainbow flowing down her hair

There came her lover, who captured the magic,
for no two moments are ever the same.
He looked at her n said:
“I hear Rio calling
Mardi Gras in the air.”

All smiles through rainbows, she said:
“Give me something to write about.
An exciting intonation,
a cause for celebration,
a sweet love variation.”

Copyright © by Monia Swaans, November 2013

For more variations, connect with me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/monia.swaans. Click on link and “Like” the page.  See you on the other side


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