The Secret of Happiness

gate to heaven

Focus on the Sun
Look into the light
Hold with all your might
This is not a fight.

You must surrender
Let it pull you through.
Into heaven’s gate.

There is so much to gain.

Why focus on pain?
Why focus on a little stain,
when the rest of the garment
is sane?

Why focus on the cloud?
You make it bigger and bigger,
and here comes the rain:
God’s mercy falling down
Upon your soul and crown.

Could it be?

Could it be that you’re hungry for mercy,
When all you need is to let go of the pain?
Let it all drain.

The next time you see
a cloud in the sky,
focus, not on the cloud,
but on the silver lining.

Your mind and your soul,
you must train
to shift from cloud
to silver lining,
the colors of the rainbow,
with endless variations.
Focus on those vibrations.


Chin up
Stand up
Look up

Into the SUN

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Note: The above picture is taken in Tiananmen, China. Tiananmen means heavenly peace.


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