Dreams Do Come True

Machu Picchu - Thankful

Happiness resides in being thankful

Today, I’m thankful for witnessing the miracle and wonders of Machu Picchu. The cherry on top: conquering fear of heights, and climbing all the way to Intipunku* in Machu Picchu**—A dream come true.

Here’s how you make your dreams come true:

Start by being grateful for your blessings. Write them down and express them in your own voice.

Fill your heart with love and contentment.

Write down your dreams.

Visualize them.

See yourself already there.

Do you see the colors? What colors are there?

Do you hear the sounds? Are they soothing to your soul?

What do you see yourself doing when you visualize yourself in the dream?

Are you smiling and happy?

If you need help, cut out a picture of what your dream looks like, and post it on your wall, where you can see it daily.

Nurture the dream, the vision with love and gratitude.

Synchronize with the universe.

Express your desire in your own voice, in order to put your unique vibrations out in the cosmos.

Run as fast as you can away from the cynics. Think that they are here so you can build your immune system.

Surround yourself with positive vibrations: the vibrations of love, flowers, sunlight, contentment, giving, positive expressions, honest work, cooperation…It’s all out there, the choice is yours as to what to plug into.

How much faith do you have in the universe, God, the supreme power to deliver?

To be continued…

The time to start is now:

What are you thankful for? Write down your blessings.

* Intipunku: Quechan language, meaning Sun-Gate. Inti: sun, Punku: Gate

**Machu Picchu: Quechan language, meaning the Old Mountain. Machu: Old. Picchu: mountain.

If this inspired you in any way, please write so below and/or keep the karma going by sharing this inspirational article. Thank you


3 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True

  1. Yoummna says:

    It speaks to my heart. …i believe…

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