Red Lace

butterfly on red lace

I am not a weed. I am a good seed.

The sun I embrace, using my Red Lace.

To the sky I reach high , I am home to the butterfly.

I am not a weed. I am all about good deed. 


I am Red Lace, look me in the face. 

I am a seed of peace.

Who’s behind the killing, it’s disturbing and chilling.

Stop the hate, and save the human race.


On love I meditate.

Suspended by peace,

in silence I levitate.


With love and grace, I build my base.

You harvest tomorrow, What you plant today.

So plant a good seed, and do a good deed.

buttefly on lantana

When the magnolia tree—the oldest tree died, the whole garden went into mourning. There was nothing but weeds and sand burrs, which got stuck in my dog’s fur and in our shoes.

My attitude towards adversity has always been to first feel defeat and frustration, then create my own story using my personal ingredients—strong will, love, creativity…I turn adversity into a beautiful story. I dream it, I see it, I craft it, I edit it, and I simmer it in love and joy.
Et Voilaaa!!! A better story is born.

Adversity is part of life. It’s what you do with it that creates the story of your life.

Focus not on what happens, but on what you make happen. When you write your own story, you get to choose what goes into it. Beware, for it’s your story and you’re at its center. What goes around must, sooner or later, come around. You create your own circle and your own karma.

Going back to the garden, I decided to take out all the weeds and replace them with good seeds.
Then I thought, why not provide a home to the beautiful birds and butterflies, and give a better view to the sun to gaze upon? Why not be part of good change in the neighborhood? Let’s pull out the grass which requires lawn mowers, annoying blowers, pesticide, herbicide…—poison which goes back to our water supply, kills the bees, ends up in our foods, in our system…My friends, it’s a full circle. It’s a closed circle. There’s no escape. We get back what we put out, in multiples.

Standing at the nursery to pick flowers, I observed the behavior of the butterflies.  The teacher within—my inner voice—said: Why not let the butterflies choose their new home? After all, who could possibly be more intimate with a flower than a butterfly? So, I decided to let nature guide my decision. I literally let these two-winged beauties pick the flowers, and bought the ones they kept returning back to.

The moment I planted the flowers in my garden, I turned around and the butterflies were already around me—You plant it they come. Welcome home

This is how my “butterfly garden” was born.

And boy, was I ever inspired and rewarded…

Note: I took the pictures of my new good-looking guest in my new butterfly garden, that I planted through labor of Then, I was inspired to write the above sonnet. If you enjoyed it, please keep the good Karma going. Share, like, re-blog


One thought on “Red Lace

  1. mswaans says:

    Here’s an update: My butterfly garden sits majestically in my front yard teaming with an amazing variety of butterflies in all colors (absolutely breathtaking). It has become a destination for little kids asking their mothers to take them to see the flowers and the butterflies on their daily walks. I have met so many wonderful mothers, kids, dogs…O what joy…

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