Love Nest

love nest painting

I built my nest with fervor and zest.
Brick by brick,
stick by stick.
I built my nest for all to rest.

On stormy days, wind kicks the dust.
“Be malleable as clay”,
they all shall say.
So I shall thrust, my way I adjust.

O God I pray, you show me the way.
For what’s a mother to do?
I’m down to the crust.

The love I brewed deep in my well,
shall rise and swell,
to save my nest, for all to rest

I am excited to share that I have written a collection of heartfelt poems celebrating the spiritual aspect of life. This sonnet, and my “Meeting of the Souls” poem are an introduction to my world of poetry. I just need a publisher to bring the echo of my soul to your hands.

Please spread the echo of my soul by liking, sharing, reblogging…following Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you

Art by Thaw Malin


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