Nature’s language

nature s sound

If I told you that nature has been speaking since the beginning of time, you’d think that I’ve gone mad. Yes. Trees speak, flowers speak, butterflies speak, and earth speaks. They speak and listen. What is nature saying? Why don’t we hear it? What is nature’s language? How is it delivered?

The answers came to me through deep connection with nature. It spoke to me. Now I understand that we—humans, are nature.

We are nature observing nature,
Just like a bird observes a flower,
Just like a flower observes a bee,
Just like rain falls on a tree.

The answers to these questions are addressed in my book, where I explain how this knowledge leads to the revolution of healing ourselves and our planet, curing diseases, being in harmony…
Truly, the day I had this aha moment few months ago, I cried and knew in my heart and soul that the revelation is of primordial importance. It’s like the key to solving the giant puzzle and the mystery.

As I wrote the above last sentence, a gentle breeze swirled through my window and caressed my skin, and a bird whistled from a tree, like a smile of approval.

Think of me as nature expressing itself.

For now, the best I can tell you is:

Start tuning in,
you’ll be all tuned up,
like a violin.

You’ll find your symphony,
singing from within.
You’ll see your light,
shining from within.

when you hear it,
believe it.

It’s your tune,
your song,
your melody.

Sing it in your voice,
your unique vibrations,
no need for imitations.

The bird does not sing in the voice of a flower,
wind does not sing in the voice of rain.

Follow your light.
It’s your light,
guiding you from within.

Sing in your voice.
It’s your voice,
tuning you from within,
Like a violin.

Written with love, and from a place of love and light

Now my voice is telling me that I’m not writing one book. I’m writing a series of books. My publisher will be here at the perfect time.

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