How Do Dreams Come True?

leap of faith
Two days ago, I was sitting with friends on a terrace. It was a very humid and hot day. It didn’t make a difference to sit in front of the fan, because it barely moved. When I asked the waitress to put it on a higher setting, she enumerated all the reasons why the fan would never turn faster:
“It’s a very old fan”, she said. “It’s totally rusted. It’s probably going to give up any minute, yada, yada, yada.”

Few days later, on a windy day, I went on my usual run, which took me to the south point of the island, where the same terrace sits, overlooking the majestic bay. During my run, I was preoccupied with the book I’ve been writing. I asked the universe why I seem to be getting stuck.

Then I saw the same fan. Although it was unplugged, it was turning like never before. It was not empowered by electricity, it was empowered by the wind—the natural power.

Then I realized: there lies my answer! Although I may find many reasons in my head as to why I’m not making the progress I’d like to see in writing my book, when the natural power, the power of God kicks in, nothing can or would stop me. And therefore the expression “Inchallah” (Arabic, for God willing).

So I proceed equipped with my own will and with God’s will, which would make all the obstacles, perceived by my mind, melt away—disappear as if by magic.

And I tell you my friend. The next time you find yourself “stuck”, ask the universe and be alert for the answer. It usually comes to you in your most relaxed state, while the “noise” is turned off. Like while you’re sleeping, or while you’re connecting with nature. And most of all, do not ever go to the place of despair.
Keep your hopes up,
Keep your faith strong,
Keep asking,
Keep marching,
Keep advancing,
Keep thanking,
Keep believing.
Be patient. Everything is a process. There are no shortcuts to crafting a masterpiece. Whether it’s a beautiful symphony, an inspiring book, or Rome, none were crafted in a day.
In time, when God is willing, all obstacles melt away. The obstacles exist only in our physical world, and are only perceived by our minds. In the world of endless possibilities, there is only abundance—infinite abundance.

Let us all focus on the realm of endless beautiful possibilities

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I leave you with the uplifting song “I can see clearly now the rain is gone…It’s going to be a bright sunshiny day…Here’s the rainbow I’ve been waiting for…”



2 thoughts on “How Do Dreams Come True?

  1. Fay says:

    Wow Monia! you have no idea how much your writing help me. Thank you dear and keep writing.

    • mswaans says:

      Dear Fay, I am thrilled that my writing resonates with you and helps you. Thank you for such encouraging feedback. I wish to inspire and help others…

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