Discover the Power of ONE – Part II

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Open invitation: come explore the power of ONE, where at the climax, all culminates into ONE invisible symphony, ONE invisible synchrony between the flow of our breaths, the flow of the river, the celestial light, and the vibrations of our voices rising together in ONE salutation—“namaste”.

I’ve been sharing the experience of yoga practice with over a hundred people from different walks of life, with various ages, colors, nationalities, and religions.  We all come together, under one blue sky, at a public park set at the edge of the river. We all unite with one purpose—to find the calm place within, and exercise—mind, body, and soul.

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The secret garden, I’ve been growing within since the early age of eighteen, has been thriving and ever expanding…
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Now I’m beginning to know—it’s the power of ONE:

It’s the beautiful energy in coming together in peace and in meditation.

It’s the power in synchronizing our movements and our breaths, while filling our hearts and minds with hope for a higher purpose—a peaceful one.

It’s the power in coming together to chant, meditate, or do yoga—universal practices which transcend religious divisions and political preferences.

It’s the positive energy in finding a common ground between us and bridging our differences.

It’s the power of coming together as ONE, to find our better SELVES.—A place of hope and unity.

It is time for a total paradigm shift—looking at ourselves, and at each other, from the inside out. For at the core, we find that we’re not that different.  At the core, we all converge towards the common purpose of love and peace.

It is time for a total paradigm shift—focusing on our point of convergence, where we can unite our strengths, instead of focusing on our points of divergence, where we become scattered.

It is time for a total paradigm shift—looking at ourselves from above—ONE human race—the way God looks at us.

My dearest reader, I invite you to turn off the “noise”, and to explore the power of ONE—the power of each and every one of you, coming together in ONE message of peace, ONE message of love, ONE message of unity, ONE human race.

If you are a Tampa resident, and would like to attend FREE yoga classes in the park, visit

Also, LuluLemon holds FREE yoga classes.  To find out more, visit:


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