This Story Must Be Told.

I am having the time of my life with the little girl—the protagonist, growing up in Africa, learning to take control of her destiny. It’s a story of small victories along the way, and signs of bigger triumphs to come.

It’s a fictional tale born from a fusion of several true life stories.

Without giving away the entire plot, I can tell you that my heart throbs with every word I write, vividly describing the glories of the little girl’s life.

One thing I promise you my dearest readers, you will be transported to the colorful world of Ali Baba, and then moved to tears. You will be forever inspired by the unbreakable spirit of this little girl, and compelled to stir the magic within your own kingdom.

I can already see you falling in love with this girl, cheering from the sidelines.

I can already see you turning the pages of the book I’m writing—from the heart.

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4 thoughts on “This Story Must Be Told.

  1. mswaans says:

    Dear joseasanoj,
    Please allow me to express my gratitude for allowing the divine to intervene through you. You have now become part of my journey. I read your story about the angels, and believe me it is no coincidence that our paths have intersected. No coincidences. Only divine interventions helping all of us along the way. I hope to pay it forward – from the heart.

  2. Laurel says:

    Having grown up in Africa myself, I have always been interested in stories from that great continent. I eagerly await your story.

    • mswaans says:

      Dear Laurel,
      I can hear you cheering me from the sideline, and I’m grateful for your support. I hope to pay you back or pay it forward.

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