My invitation to you on this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, as you sit at the table to consume your meal, I invite you to think of the miracle. Think of the infinity of events that had to happen in order for your meal to be there on your table.  Think of the germinating seed in the soil, the clouds, the rain, the wind, the sun, the birds, the bees, the farmer… All conspired and worked together for the miracle to happen.


When we think of food with this type of appreciation.  We are more likely to nourish our souls with the miracle of God, than to overfill our stomachs with empty food.  We are less likely to be overweight, and more likely to be healthy, body and spirit.

We are more likely to feel good about ourselves because our inner beauty will shine to the world.

We are more more likely to smile than frown, and the world is more likely to smile to us.

My wish is for this message to unite all its readers and be one common thread that connects them.


Happy Thanksgiving


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