As Above, So Below

Beautiful Lady in Mystical Garden by Frances Perea

This morning, I trimmed my garden so that all the plants have room to breathe, thrive, and grow; so that each one of them has optimal conditions to play its role and contribute to the balance and beauty of my garden.

You see, if you leave it unchecked, some plants tend to overgrow and stifle all the others, compromising the balance in the garden as a whole.

As I walked away and took a second look at my garden from a distance, I was filled with a sense of justice and harmony. The tall trees are no longer out of shape or out of control, no longer claiming more space and depriving the shorter aspiring plants from vital sunlight.

What’s a garden like with only big trees, overgrown and out of shape? Shouldn’t all the different textures, colors, sizes, and heights work in unison to make a beautiful garden which inspires harmony and guarantees its own continuation?

Now all the plants “get a shot at it” and I like it that way.
As in my garden, so in society.  As in redistribution of sunshine, water and nutrients, so in redistribution of wealth in the United States and in the world at large. No one should starve to death while others have far more than they could ever spend or consume.

Even lions in the wild only kill as much as they can eat and only when they are hungry. If their prey is too big, instead of hoarding the rest, they share it with other animals so nothing goes to waste.

I was once a privileged spectator to a beautifully choreographed ballet which has been rehearsed for millions of years.  In the savannah of the Maasai Mara park reserve in south-western Kenya, I observed different herds of wild animals at a water hole.  What I witnessed that day was a revelation about animals’ sense of community in the wild.  They actually take turns in enjoying the water hole. Each group gets to have it to themselves, undisturbed for a certain amount of time in order to bathe, drink, and play. The next group of animals, be they elephants, wildebeest, or impalas, would never show up until the previous group was done and gone.

Did I witness the “organized chaos” scientists have been talking about?

Could it be that these wild animals know instinctively that each one of them is vital to the survival of all? Could it be that, although they compete for food, they still respect the fact that each one of them plays an essential role in the overall health of the savannah—their home?  Perhaps they understand that a system where only a few or only the fittest “get a shot at it” would eventually break down and lead to the demise of all.

The latest science proved that the natural law is that of cooperation.  The Darwinian law of survival of the strongest has been demonstrated by science to be wrong and passé.  Quantum physics came to the conclusion that there is no empty space, meaning that we are all ONE.  We are indeed all connected.  The demise of a part of the system, eventually leads to the collapse of the entire system.

Humanity’s most impressive creations and inventions were inspired by nature and its infinite wisdom and intelligence.  The laws of the universe have been laid out long before humans ever existed.

Now the choice is ours.  We can either look the other way in arrogance, thinking that we can build a better system, or we can humbly open our minds and build on the solid foundation established for us by the laws of the universe over billions of years.  These laws were embedded within the universal system in order to guarantee its continuation.

As in the universe, so in society.

As in the overall system, so in its subsystems: an infinite chain.

As above, so below.

In the book I’m writing, I’ll be sharing some of the most shocking facts about us—humans.  Facts which tie everything together, and explain some of the mysteries of our world.       Stay tuned…

Image: Beautiful Lady in Mystical Garden by Frances Perea


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